Ahmed Mohamed Rafik

Ahmed Mohamed Rafik Moustafa is a Career Coach expert, ERP & Business Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker & Social Entrepreneur of "Dynamics Life Project",. In 2011 he has been awarded “Most Aspiring Author” from Abu-Dawood consultation center – Saudi Arabia for his published e-book "Live a Dynamics Life حياتك داينمكس". He established his own Micro Business in 2012 as a Social Entrepreneur "Dynamics Life Project". The purpose of "Dynamics Life Project" is to be a source of transformation and change for those who believe that they can’t live the life they want to be. Dynamics Life Project is dedicated to focus on helping others to live a life of balance and also to discover the best career that fit every person. Through his working life, he always share his expertise with others and offer career guidance for anyone who need to develop his own career. He is always passion to help people reach their inner-gift and develop their skills. He train and consult people over than 2000 attendants in Egypt, Dubai and Saudi Arabia in business and information technology, and when it comes to people he poses himself as their coach to make them feel motivated and energetic to place something in their heart and to see actual contributions and work through people life and work. His professional career, spanning more than 10 years, he has combined expertise in Enterprise management Systems such as (Microsoft Dynamics ERP & SAP) in different industries. He had led various implementations & training programs in diverse ERP Modules Such as Human Resource Management, Project Management, Sales & Distribution and Financial Modules over the Middle East in different Arab countries to meet challenging business needs. Through his contribution and sharing knowledge in enterprise system field, he achieved the "Top 100 Most Influential People on Microsoft Dynamics Community" award in 2013 for sharing his knowledge and experience through publishing his first technical book " Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Security How-To Book" After this long journey, he started his own trip to discover his true passion, it took a lot of time to rediscover himself, and know the purpose of his living and work, he develop his own technique to make people fall in love with their Work. Starting his career in 2012 as a Career Coach and Speaker on “How to Discover Your Passion Career” program, and he still speaks in different events in Egypt and Middle East.