Arthur R. Linton, B.S.E.E., Dip. Applied Physics

Arthur Linton is a retired engineering project and production manager with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and diploma in applied physics, from the University of the West Indies(Jamaica and Trinidad). He immigrated from Jamaica to the USA in 1993, and became a basketball fan, as then his beloved football (soccer) was not as popular, in the US, as it is today. He has been using proven engineering quantitative techniques to model basketball performance for over a decade, after seeing similarities between basketball statistics and those used to measure the progress of engineering projects. Arthur was a member of the Jamaica Institute of Engineers and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and received special training in project management at Staff Administrative College, owned by the Jamaican government. He was born in Kingston and attended St. Francis Primary School, Kingston College, and the University of the West Indies (Mona and St. Augustine campuses). He worked with the Jamaica Public Service(JPS) and Nelson Walters Consulting engineers. He would never feel that this bio is complete without mentioning that he is a Christian, prayed for inspiration, and sincerely believes his BW/BP system was developed with help from above. He feels strongly, too, that Professor Kenny Small's Production Management class gave him the push towards adopting quantitative analysis, as his standard, and that JPS gave him the opportunity to master it. Arthur has a Twitter and a Facebook account, but spends most of his time working off-line.