Australian Canine

Our focus is on creating a better world for our beloved dogs, what makes us exceptional is over 20 years of experience. Specialising in Canine Nutrition, Holistic Canine Behaviour. We at Australian Canine take responsibility and strive for excellence to fulfil every member of the pack. Our dog savvy Ceo, researchers and resources worldwide for leaders in their field, dedicated to improving dogs lives. Which brings us to this Ebook over 600 pages packed with scientific backed information to help you obtain a better understanding of the canine world. A practical approach for achieving the goal of helping you, to make the right choices for a happy, healthy, long life for you and your Best-mate to enjoy. Australian Canine Welcomes you to- Nutrition & Behaviour Resource Pack. Dog Commandment # 1 Thou Shalt Learn Dog. EVOLUTION - Thousands of years of evolution makes more sense than any marketing strategy! Section One Chapter 1 Origins of the Dog Chapter 2 Processed Foods Chapter 3 Synthetic Nutrition Chapter 4 Herbs Alternate Health or Is it just some kind of "New age" stuff? Chapter 5 Environmental Stress to your dogs Health Chapter 6 The Essential Guide To Canine Vaccines Chapter 7 Food Can Either Heal or Harm Chapter 8 The Good The Bad and The Ugly on Oils Chapter 9 The Canine Probiotics and Prebiotic Chapter 10 The Importance of Vegetables and Fruits Chapter 11 Grass dogs Can Munch On Chapter 12 Recreational Bones For Dogs Chapter 13 Raw Vs Cooked Chapter 14 Traditional Chinese Medicine to Find the Right Foods for Your Dog Chapter 15 Recipes Recipes “Recipes” Section Two Chapter-16 Nutrition - Allergies - Environmental - Inflammation Chapter - 17 Anxiety and Stress in Dogs Chapter - 18 Hot Spots/Inflamed Infected Itchy , Itchy Skin Section Three Chapter-19 Behaviour, Nutrition and Disposition