Ava ST.Pierre

Tidbit: This Mother & Daughter Team were told they couldn't Co-Author and publish a book of such magnitude. So, what did they do? Both in 5 months ;) making a difference in giving hope to many across the globe. Thank you for inspiring us with taking the time to message, comment and call. Your personal stories are what keeps this Ava and Sheree` on a Mission to spread the Message of a better tomorrow. The choice is up to each and every person individually in choosing to live a happy life. After The Storm.... Is here to help you! Ava ST.Pierre Has never played the victim card. Through her strength she found a better tomorrow and future. Not only for herself, but her family, friends and anyone that needed a helping hand. Using her childhood as a tool to help others became her mission at a early age. An inspiring true life story of a young girl who never gave up. Through playing competitive sports at eleven years old to competing in pageantry. Ava gained self esteem and confidence as she excelled at both. She learned with her daddy's love, support and inspiring example, she finally had a strong voice. Ava continues to use it everyday. Ava has many years of experience in the Skin care, Cosmetics, Modeling, Pageant, Beauty & Fashion Industry. She has won various Pageant Titles including Mrs Texas America, Mrs Colorado United States, Mrs Colorado USA & Top Finalist Mrs USA, MS Colorado World International and a Top World Finalist 2012. As well as many Community Service Awards, etc. My Purpose in life is Promoting my 3 Platforms: 1) Empowering The Children-Prevent Child Abuse 2) Mental Illness Awareness and 3) Live With A Purpose-Advocate Volunteerism & Fundraising Globally. Her goal is to encourage all children and their families to become involved in their Communities. Sharing a positive and purposeful outlook with children who are going through hardship due to abuse. Creating opportunities of Volunteerism through the labor of love. Ava is married to her High School sweetheart, she became pregnant after graduating high school at the age of seventeen. Rodney & Ava refused to fail, they will celebrate 38 years of Marriage in 2016. Blessed to live on adjoining Ranch Properties they built with their children. Backed up to thousands of BLM acres and an old Stage Coach Road in Western Colorado. The family works running family owned businesses. They also owns Wild Mustangs adopted off the nearby BLM Mountains (hence, Ranch Properties named, Wild Mustang Estates). Ava knows through her life she carries on her loved ones. Honoring them by living through example for her children and grandchildren to carry on generation after generation. Sheree' Cogburn Reality Check: from a full-time working mom to a stay-at-home mom in a matter of minutes. Talk about a smack in the face! Mom, wife, entrepreneur, writer, blogger, Author of After The Storm and a long-winded talker. Sheree' is a people person with a degree and background in Communications: PR, Speaker, Advertising, Marketing and Social Media with a minor in Computer Science. Sheree` is professional Manager for Ava St.Pierre Brand. She enjoys charities, events, fundraisers and giving back in her spare time. Her hobbies include hiking, photography, cooking, crafts, decorating, gardening and enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado with her family. Sheree` is proud to be part of such a touching and meaningful project.