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Reluctant Lumberjack Signed Paperback

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Twenty years ago, I loved a woman.

Twenty years ago, I also loved a man.

And twenty years ago, rather than choose, I abandoned them both.

Now, I’m living a lonely life, luckless in love and unwilling to confront the truth of what I left behind.

When my brother passes, I become responsible for my four-year-old niece. Uprooting her isn't an option which means heading back to the sticks of New Hampshire, to the small town I fled.

Because of Charlotte.

Because of Liam.

My two best friends, the ones I’d been reluctant to pursue but couldn’t deny.

Attempting to avoid facing my past doesn’t work, and I see them both—together. They appear to have moved on while I can’t.

I still want her.

I still want him.

But secrets lay between us, betrayals that threaten to crack the egg shells we walk on.

I’ve got more than my own heart to look out for now, and I’ll protect those I love this time around.

No matter the cost.

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