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Pass The Paper Games. Bundle. Speaking. Fun.

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Dozens of pre-made pptx games of the most fun speaking game you can use - Pass The Paper.  

Students pass a crumpled piece of paper while the fun music plays. When it stops, whoever has the paper must speak what is on the slide. Full instructions for each game!  But they all basically play the same way. 
Multi-levels and ages. 

Also, includes a paper version. Flashcards. Cut up and play like the game. When the music stops the student picks a card and answers it! 

Have fun!  Just click the folder icon on the pdf to go to the folder with all the games and download them for PowerPoint. 
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (54KB)
  • PDF (241KB)
  • PPT (677KB)
  • PPT (1MB)
  • PPTX (2MB)

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