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Joshua Appleby and the ruby dragon ebook

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                                           In 1960’s England Earth Magic is hidden.

When a circus led by an eccentric ringmaster arrives in town, a new dark magic emerges, resulting in a terrible culmination of betrayal of family and friends.
            Joshua & Milly Appleby have the power of Earth Magic but Milly hides a secret; will she fall into darkness and her magic would be bound and lost forever.
            Delvera Mooremarsh has returned; a thief and murderer. Practicing Dark Magic, she has two things on her mind; Steal the Ruby Dragon and find eternal life. Manipulating events with unimaginable consequences, will Mooremarsh be thwarted again doing battle with Joshua and Milly Appleby, or will they fail against Mooremarsh’s newfound dark power?

Joshua Appleby and the Ruby Dragon will enchant teens, adults, and anyone who enjoys magic and adventure.
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Joshua Appleby and the flaming sword ebook