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Bakin' Up A Storm

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Shane Conner learned a few things when he was locked up; He never wanted to go back to jail, loyalty is everything, and he liked baking and decorating cakes.

Now that he’s out and running his own high-end shop, Construct Cakery, the shots he calls are legal, the work he does with his hands is honest, and he’s focused on becoming the best wedding cake designer in the country.

But then he meets a green-eyed pastry chef, and suddenly nothing seems quite as important as making her his.

Bethany Carter’s comfortable world was rocked by a chance sighting of dark tattoos on muscled arms moving through the bakery she worked in. Now, almost two years later, her obsessive fascination with the ex-con turned self-taught baker and owner of the hottest cake shop in the state hasn’t diminished.

At. All.

So, with questions and feelings she needed answers to, she did what any level-headed, professional woman would do; Quit her job, packed up her life, and showed up at Shane’s place in Savannah asking for a spot in his exclusive kitchen.

What follows is the stuff of fantasy… Instant lust. Instant love. Instant gratification. And everything blueberry lemon…
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