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Laboratory Clip Art

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This download includes the following graphics in high resolution:
- Beaker with blue liquid
- B&W Beaker
- B&W Erlenmeyer Flask
- B&W Graduated Cylinder
- B&W Medicine Dropper
- B&W Test tube brush
- B&W Test tubes with stand
- B&W Evaporating Dish
- B&W Funnel
- B&W Goggles
- B&W Microscope
- B&W Pipette
- B&W Test tube
- B&W Thermometer
- Girl Laboratory Technician
- Boy Laboratory Technician
- Light Blue beaker
- Light blue goggles
- Light blue graduated cylinder
- Light blue pipette
- Light blue test tube
- Light blue wash bottle
- Red funnel
- Test tube with green liquid
- Test tube with orange liquid
- Test tube with purple liquid
- Test tube with red liquid
- Test tube with yellow liquid
You will get a ZIP (17MB) file

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