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How to Achieve in Maths

How to Achieve in Maths is written by the owner of the YouTube Channel Achieve Maths.  The purpose of the e-book is to inspire students of Mathematics with a fresh approach to the subject and to help them in their journey of achieving their full potential in Maths.  It is suitable for those preparing for their GCSE Maths or A-level Maths exams, or simply those who want to see Maths education from a new perspective. 

Many students see maths as inaccessible and difficult, I see it as exciting and enticing.  Why are there such differing views of the same thing?  Why do some people dread numbers and anything maths related, while others thrive on the challenges of the subject?  In this book, I aim to address these inconsistencies and look at how to see maths in a way that will allow you to enjoy your studies and work towards success with purpose and determination.  

The e-book contains six chapters, the first four chapters outline how to see maths in a positive light and give action steps to help you to achieve success.  The penultimate chapter is a selection of carefully crafted, original exam style questions to allow the reader to put into practice what they have learnt.  The final chapter has detailed worked solutions to the questions and talks the reader through the best way to approach and answer them.

The aim of this e-book is to help you to think about maths in the right way, which should make learning and doing well in maths easier for you.  The PDF version of the e-book is over 11,000 words long and is illustrated.  It is not too long (35 pages), so it is easy to pick up and read, it gets straight down to the key points. 


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Here is a review from one of my customers:

"Simple, snappy and straight to the point, Achieve Maths believes that the subject of mathematics should be available to anyone. This message is established throughout the E-Book and is developed by having a positive mind-set and perception.

Following on, the next chapter of 'A Common Current Understanding of Maths' describes the traditional methods of how students are taught to learn but may not understand the actual techniques. To elaborate, this process appears to be ineffective as students can copy techniques but may not understand the basic concepts.  

To solve this, Achieve Maths portrays the vital traits of how to deconstruct a question and use prior knowledge to apply it and answer it. This mathematical approach allows the students to understand maths in the right way.

Since I am personally doing my GCSE's, I believe that this E-Book has provided me with the essentials on how to alter my perception of maths and how to demonstrate a positive mind-set when tackling questions.

Alongside this, by sharing the E-Book on social media, you are entitled to a discount which is incredibly worth it. Furthermore, before purchasing this E-Book, I decided to contact the author (Achieve Maths) and was surprised on how friendly the replies were. If you are currently doing GCSE's, or anything for that matter, I definitely advise you to make this short purchase as it will change your whole perception of maths. "

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