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Every rape story in my catalogue to date (2019/9/21) 
Bitches screaming in pain as they get raped in every hole, pissed on and abused by family, animals, gangs and more. Too many stories to list. Here's a sample:

' “No! Please don't Uncle, you're so big, there's no way it it’ll fit, my ass is too small!”

“Don’t worry about that, I can dig tunnels with my tool, you’ll be able to drive a truck through your ass when I’m finished!”

Her rape scream was even louder this time around. The juice from her cunt provided some lube, but it still must have hurt like hell for her as I entered the hole that was only made for exiting.

I held her head down and went straight into a savage pounding, my groin pummelling her ass cheeks multiple times a second. This was anal rape, incest, raping my brother's daughter, violating the trust of a young woman that I had taken out into the wilderness. This was a multitude of wrongs all at once, and I was getting off on it.

I was a madman, a lust crazed lunatic. I was hammering her so hard I thought I might fuck her right into the ground.

“I love how tight your shithole is Sally. Can you feel the dimensions of my cock pushing your ass walls apart? I'm fucking it into a new shape just like I said I would. I got another load in my balls just for you, Uncle is gonna spurt his cream deep in the hole that you shit out of. That’s right Sally, your own flesh and blood is about to have an orgasm in your ass…aaaaaaaaaaah!”
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Beast Rape 3-Pack


Rape 65


Daddy found out i was the school slut so he tied me up and raped me in every orifice to teach me a fucking lesson


Asking for rape 5: She told me I wasn't social distancing properly and her nipples were showing through her t-shirt so those two factors combined gave me enough cause to rape the bitch


Raped By The Rapist


Gang raped by Daddy and brothers during the purge


Daughter Rape 5-Pack


Face raping my schoolgirl daughter till the bitch chokes and pukes all over my cock


Rape 5-Pack: Volume 2


Milf Raped And Blackmailed By Lodger