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FASHION SPEAK: 101 Fashion Industry Terms Every REAL Designer Must Know

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CM Design Agency, founded by Charmaine Mischel, is an Emerging Designer consultancy that shares the secrets, methods and insights start-up, self-taught Fashion entrepreneurs like you need to launch your own line successfully, and avoid making costly mistakes.

Naturally, as an Emerging Designer, you just don't know what you don't KNOW. When you're trying to break into, or level-up in the Fashion Industry, the last thing you need is to hit another roadblock. Over my 30 years in this industry, I've seen aspiring designers who look like me and are from where I'm from, moved to the sidelines one too many times. Time's up for that.

There is a proven roadmap aspiring Designers need to follow in order to navigate confidently and successfully, and many key secrets and methods only an industry insider would know. These keys to the industry are ESSENTIAL for you to maneuver through the fashion world like a pro, so you can brand, develop, sell and produce your own label, as you invest in the process wisely.

This E-book is one small, but important piece of the puzzle. Knowing the lingo - the “FASHION SPEAK” that vereran, legacy Designers know and use every day may just be the first step to getting you through the door.

You've got this!! Dive in and enjoy.

Your partner in the journey,
--Charmaine Mischel
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