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She inflates a lot of inflatables like swimrings, a crocodile, deflates - 48:12min

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She inflates a lot of inflatables.
Swimring. Crocodile. Swimwings.
She deflates the inflatables.
Running time: 48:12 minutes.
You will get a MP4 (2GB) file

She blows up lot of red balloons and gives sitpop - 37:41min


She blows up three big balloons, sitpop - 13:32min


Inflating big balloons - pinpop - 23:11min


Blow up big balloons - sitpop - 24:35min


Inflating deflating inflatable swimring, spittig on it - 12:12min


Blow up black balloons, bitpop - 03:19min


Inflating deflating several toys - 12:35min


She inflates and deflates a swimring - 06:46min


She inflates and deflates some beachballs - 41:59min


She inflates two beachballs, bouncing, deflating them - 33:27min