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3rd Grade Financial Literacy

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What will this resource do for my students?

With this resource students will have absolute understanding of the meaning of the most common financial terms which they will see throughout their lifetimes. By introducing the terms at students at an early age, they will become more financially literate and able to effectively manage their allowance by thinking before spending.
Financial terms students will learn are: income, spending, saving, credit, refund, charitable giving, tip or gratuity and profit.

Students will read scenarios and decide which financial term applies to each particular situation. Includes spending vs. investing worksheets in which students will know the difference between the two and create their own scenario in which they can make their own decisions in spending and investing.

One of the sheets will require glue and scissors to cut and glue key terms to show their knowledge on their newly acquired financial terms. In fact, they will also remember the definitions as they shall match each new term with its definition and as they go through each activity they are required to use the terms
The posters only come in color and are a perfect accessory to have in your classroom as they will associate the meaning of each term with the graphics. You will receive printable flashcards, posters and worksheets with this purchase.

Watch your students learn and grow as you educate them on important terms they will need throughout their life.

Total 23 pages.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file

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