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Story Brainstorming & Planning Workbook

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This workbook contains enough sheets to plan out 3 stories. Each story section is broken down into a brainstorming section with worksheets and a story planning section with fill in the blank worksheets.
The PDF file prints on standard printer paper (8.5x11).

 *Please note: This is not an instruction manual, it's a workbook. Minor instructions have been added to the back of the book, but they are merely guides.


  • Story Idea Brain Dump
  • Premise Brainstorm
  • Blurb Brainstorm
  • Story Idea Brainstorming
  • Character Idea Brain Dump
  • Location Idea Brain Dump
  • Settings Idea Brain Dump
  • Character Arc Brain Dump
  • Major Events Brain Dump
  • Plot Twists Brain Dump
  • Critical Moments Brainstorming (5 worksheets)
  • 3 Act Structure Brainstorming


  • Story Premise
  • Story Blurb
  • Story Planning
  • Character Planning
  • Secondary Character Planning
  • Minor Character Planning
  • Character Arc Planning
  • Location Planning
  • Settings Planning
  • Major Story Events Planning
  • Plot Twists Planning
  • Critical Moments List (2 pages)
  • Story Outline (15 pages)
  • Character Journal (enough for 4 characters)


  • Brainstorming Your Story
  • Critical Moments Guide
  • Brainstorming Your Story Theme
  • Story Idea & Theme Exercise
  • Character Brainstorming & a Bit of Development
  • Character Questions
  • Settings Brainstorm Tips & Questions
You will get a PDF (525KB) file
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