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Daughters and Sons: A C.T. Ferguson Crime Novel (#5)

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C.T. Ferguson has a case. Just one. It's how he works.

Then devastating personal news leaves him shattered.

Now he's burning the candle at both ends. His new investigation is one he never wanted and couldn't imagine. It emerged from a lie over a decade old.

The original client demands his time, also. She's a young woman who needs help. How much time can C.T. spare her when he's consumed by something personal?

His dual cases will take him from Baltimore's seediest neighborhoods to the real seat of city power. If C.T. is good enough, he'll figure out both. He'll get justice for the living and the dead.

If he's not good enough, he won't live to see his upcoming thirtieth birthday.

You'll love Daughters and Sons because it's a hard-boiled mystery overlaid with cyber intrigue, family tragedy, and plenty of wisecracks.

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