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“What Will It Take to Earn $10,000 a Month?”

I remembered the date – 27 Aug 2014. The place – McDonald at City Hall.
I asked Joel Chue, a successful Internet marketing expert, this question,
“What will it take for me to earn $10,000 a Month?”

I listed down all the things that I could do. He listened attentively and finally he said, “If you want to earn the 5-figure, focus on providing THIS”. He pointed to that word on the paper.

In early Oct 2015, I asked another Internet marketing expert, Alvin Huang for advice.
Here’s what he said:

The answer is COPYWRITING

The Most Wonderful Money-Making Skill

Gary Halbert, the Godfather of copywriting said, “The ability to write ads and/or letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire…All life’s problems can be solved with a good sales letter.”

He said, “You’re only one great sales letter away from financial freedom!”

I strongly believe that the mastery of copywriting will assure you will never ever starve again.

How Much Can a Copywriter Earn?

A friend told me that he pays her copywriter $5K a month. She gets to work at home. Good freelance copywriters can earn $1K or more for just one sales page.  Ask Ronald Lye if you don’t believe me.

On hindsight, if I am given the choice of studying for a degree course or a copywriting course, I will take the copywriting course anytime. If you want to have the highest paid job as a writer, be a copywriter.

Copywriting is profitable.  Copywriting is a highly valued skill.

Who Should Learn Copywriting

If you are a good copywriter, you have a skill that is in demand by business owners who will pay you good money.

If you are a website owner, mastering the art of persuasion through copywriting could double your sales with the same traffic, just by tweaking the words.

If you are an internet marketer, you can apply copywriting skills to convert into more sales for your products or when promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.

It is too costly if you have to pay a copywriter every time for all your sales pages. If you are on a shoe-string budget, why not learn it yourself?

I Learn Copywriting From these Experts…
Over the years in the pursuit of learning about copywriting, I have enrolled for numerous copywriting courses. I had learnt from:

Paul Hancox’s “Ultimate Copywriting And Persuasion” (valued at US$204)
AWAI program (valued at US$497)
Max Koh’s “Master Your Conversion, Double Your Income”
Colin Theriot’s “Sales Letter Template Plus Training” (valued at US$1,200)
Suria Mohd”s “Certificate in Business and Entrepreneurship” (valued at $1,597)
Gideon Gideon F. For-mukwai’s “The Science of Story Telling”
and others.

I am constantly investing in new copywriting courses and learning from expert copywriters
These courses don’t come cheap. Each course costs a few hundred dollars.

As I grow as a copywriter, I like to invite you to join me in this learning journey to become a better copywriter. If you have a flair for writing and passion for persuasion, this is for you, even if you are a newbie.

What You’ll Get To Enjoy as a Member
As a member of the mastermind group, you’ll receive these benefits:

Benefit #1:  Weekly offline Meetup
For those residing in Singapore,  come for the weekly meetup, every Wed 7pm to 9pm at Bugis area.  If you cannot make it, it’s alright because I will upload my notes to the secret Facebook group.

Benefit #2:  Accountability
This is a action-focused group. You will be given assignments to practise your copywriting. You’ll get feedback on your work.


Benefits #3: Copywriting Assignments and Jobs

Nowadays I don’t take any more copywriting assignments anymore.  I prefer to pass these assignments to my mastermind group members.  One assignment is worth a year’s membership. I also liaise with other copywriters and my large network of contacts for copywriting jobs.

Benefits #4: Peer Review

You can leverage on the collective wisdom of the members to feedback to you on your sales pages. There is always room for improvement. You can feel safe getting constructive feedback from friendly and helpful people here.

Benefits #5: Direct Access to Me

You have access to me directly. Ask me any questions about copywriting and persuasion. I’ll be happy to feedback on your sales page. It is good to know that you have someone to turn to. My feedback is prompt as I am online most of the time.

Benefits #6: Insights

I will be sharing with you my insights about copywriting and persuasion inside the secret FB group.

Benefits #7: Learn and Earn

As you apply the knowledge, you will make money.  You can apply your copywriting skill to promote your business or as an affiliate. Earn while you learn. I will feedback on your sales page to help get a better conversion.

I am confident that if you diligently apply what you learn, you will earn more than enough to cover your subscription fees.  You’ll never find another copywriting program with so much value for so little investment.

What’s in It for You?
Save yourself hundreds of hours of time collating the best information. I have done the hard work for you.
Get the essence fast. I am almost spoon feeding you.
Save money on the various copywriting courses. You get the meat from me. No fluff.
You get the support you need to become a better copywriter.
This is the cheapest way to learn copywriting and persuasion.
This is a earn as you learn copywriting program.
What is it Worth?
For just a little of your contribution, you get to learn stuff that costs thousands of dollars.

As a copywriter, you will be doing the same thing – learning and collecting swipe files.
If you were to collate the resources yourself, how many hours and weeks will it take? How much is that time worth to you?

My collection took me 9 years of efforts and countless hours.

How much is it worth to you to belong a mastermind group? Frankly, I could not find a mastermind group for copywriting. I have to create such a group myself.

What is the value to you for someone to evaluate your feedback, give you the suggestion for improvement which will get you more sales?

What is it worth to you to get more copywriting jobs and assignments that are worth hundreds of dollars? One deal can easily cover one year’s membership.

Feel free to compare the value of this membership with any others in the market.

Your investment is only SGD$100 a month. 

Let’s turn your words into cash through persuasion writing. 

Message me for a chat to see if we are a good fit. 

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