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Telling Time & Elapsed Time Worksheets

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Page 1: The student will learn what the short hand and long hand represent and in the clock.
Page 2: Explains how many minutes in an hour and how to count by 5's.
Page 3: The student cuts and paste the labels where they belong. Placing the word for each number and the arrows in their respective spot.
Page 4: The student will fill in the blank to tell what time is it. This worksheet if very simple since it's by the hour. They learn that when the long hand is at 12, it is o'clock.
Page 5: The student will fill in the blank to tell the time. This worksheet helps the student remember half an hour.
Page 6: They will draw a line to show their answer to match the clocks with the correct form of writing.
Page 7: The student reads the time in writing and draws the hand on the clock to represent that time.
Page 8: The student looks at the clock and shows in writing that he/she understands the time the clock shows.
Page 9: The student will draw the hand of each clock to show the correct time.
Page 10: The student will see a clock and will have multiple answers to choose from.
Page 11: What time is shown? The student will pick an answer to show the correct time
Page 12: The student will have a digital clock on the top showing the time and on the bottom they will have a analog clock on which they will have to draw the hands to match with the digital clock.
Page 13: The student will write the time that the analog clock shows on the digital clock.
Page 14-15: Match the digital clock and analog clock that shows the same time.
Page 16: What time is shown? Student has multiple choice answer.
Page 17: Help the bear find out what time the clocks show.
Page 18: A series of questions where the student will have to pick the correct clock that matches the time given.
Page 19: Draw a line to match the digital clock and analog clock that shows the same time.
Page 20: There are 9 clocks which need to be matched with the correct time. The student will use A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I to represent his/her answers.
Page 21-23: Write the time of each clock below.
Page 24: Match the time on the right with the time on the left.
Page 25: The student draws the hands on the clock to show the correct time.
Page 26: For each time, draw either the hands or write the time.
Page 27: What time matches? Mark X the box with the correct clock.
Page 28: Circle the correct time that matches the hour shown on the clock.
Page 29: This page helps the student understand how to read the clock.
Page 30: Write the correct time underneath each clock.
Page 31: Draw clock hands to show the time one hour later & then write the time on the space given.
Page 32: How much time has elapsed between clock A & clock B?
Page 33-34- Clock Flashcards

They will help your students learn reading time from analog clocks to digital clocks. They will learn about elapsed time. I have also included printable flashcards which they can play match with. I would definitively recommend to print them out in card stock and laminate them for repetitive use.Please view the thumbnails to have an idea of what these worksheets will look like. I hope you and your students enjoy this product. Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Total 36 pages.

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