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2023-09-13 Sunshine - Can't wear a shoe 2 - Part 1 B (02-2021)

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After a short rest on the bench Sunshine climbs up the wall and hops along the banister holding her socked foot very pointed. She takes a short clip with her mobile (this will come later as a separate clip) then she hops back to her crutches and crutches along the way (partially *eXtreme* tip-toe crutching) until she reaches a nice outlook on the other side of the peninsula. She lays down the crutches and carefully hops over some slippery planks to the outlook. 


Keywords: sprain, one shoe, sock, pantyhose, crutches, hopping

Format: MP4

Length: 11 minutes

Resolution: 1980x1020

You will get a MP4 (847MB) file

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