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If The Cake Don't Rise...

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Bryce Campbell is a normal, steady guy. He works, he bowls, he has a collection of classic rock tee shirts.

What he is not, is the guy who makes rash decisions, colors outside the lines, or falls in love with the first tattooed, pink haired artist he meets. 

Nope. That’s not him.

Until it is.

Shelley Criss lives life on her own terms. She follows her gut, does what feels right, and keeps things easy. She doesn’t do drama, lose her head or heart over a man, and she definitely doesn’t fall for the quintessential beige guy who walks into Construct Cakery to pay for a wedding cake he no longer needs.

Nope. That’s not her.

Until it is.

One look.

One impulsive move.

One kiss…

That’s all it takes for Bryce and Shelley to discover love really can happen in an instant.
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