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kevin samuels was right: the album

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This album, "kevin samuels was right.," celebrates the life of Kevin Samuels, who passed away on May 5, 2022, with a collection of hip-hop songs inspired by his teachings, phrases, philosophies, and live shows.

Over the course of 10 upbeats and pulsing tracks, Harry Wilmington delivers a wide range of flows as he discusses KS's most popular talking points, from being a high value man ("High Value Man"), the pitfalls men and women get themselves into when dating ("You Can't Make This Ish Up"), and what it means to be a feminine, loving woman ("Fit, Friendly, Feminine"), to more introspective tracks that go at the many misunderstandings people had about Kevin Samuels during his lifetime ("Critics & Detractors") and recapping more famous moments from his show ("Average at Best").

While Mr. Samuels may be gone, these tracks serve as a reminder of the impact he had during his lifetime, and continues to have since his passing.

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