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Earth and Ember, A Forgotten Lands Novel (Signed Paperback w/ Swag)

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Swag includes: series scented tea light, character cards, and Forgotten Lands map

Sworn enemies. A dying world. A looming destiny.

Luke has vowed to avenge his father and protect Sagebrush from the drifters in the Dead Lands.

Kaia lives in the mountains, safe from the murderous soshos who roam the desert below. But when her cousin goes missing, she is determined to find him, no matter the danger.

In a world ravaged by sand and storms, Luke and Kaia’s lives collide in a whirlwind of treachery, passion, and fear. Can enemies sworn to vengeance set aside their hatred, or are they doomed to perish like the world around them?

Earth and Ember is a survival adventure and love story set in the devastated and forgotten lands of the American wild west.

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