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Managing Habits: 10 easy ways to better your daily routine

◊ ◊ ◊ If you have always wanted to live a life filled with healthy daily habits, but have never managed to follow through, then consider MANAGING HABITS: 10 EASY STEPS TO BETTER YOUR DAILY ROUTINE as the best creation for habit formation. ◊◊◊ 

This is the first book of ‘Master Yourself’ series: a series of books about personal development and techniques for improve your life in various aspect. 

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→ Whether you are a beginner who has struggled to establish consistent routines in your life, or you are looking to add to a flourishing collection of healthy daily routines, this book is intended to help develop reliable daily habits so that you can be the best version of yourself. Moreover, having a consistent set of daily habits allows your life to flow with more ease and, incidentally, creates room for the things that you most enjoy. All the while, you will be more productive and confident in your endeavors. 

→ You will find various approaches to establishing and correcting daily routines, along with learning how to identify emerging pitfalls and bad habits. Also, helpful tips like how to develop a useful personal habit journal and balance multiple routines during a busy work schedule are included amidst myriad other suggestions. Not to mention, this book covers which factors cause bad habits so that you can be proactive in avoiding harmful behaviors unique to your personality. The role of chemicals such as dopamine in the brain is covered extensively, along with how we can naturally enhance it to aid in the developing of routines in our daily lives. 

→ Regardless of whichever level you occupy concerning habit formation, this book includes the 10 Easiest Steps for habit formation. These steps are expanded upon in detail so that you are fully prepared to implant any new daily habit into your life with ease. So do not allow yourself to be satisfied with the status quo. Push yourself further and acquire the knowledge needed to enhance your productivity and efficiency in work and in life. Start the first step at establishing a life of consistency by buying this book today! 

→ Inside you will find:

• The role of chemicals in habit formation and how to naturally enhance their presence in your brain

• Strategies to gradually drop negative habits without employing drastic measures

• How to easily recognize the right settings for establishing reliable daily habits

• A list of ways to make the best use of habit psychology in your everyday life 

• How to realign with your routine after a string of lazy days 

• Methods of recording and maintaining a journal tracking your routine development

• Common causes of bad habits and how to recognize their subtle emergence in your personal and professional life 

• Facets of the Habit Cycle that determine how we establish routines 

• 10 easy steps for implementing a routine into your life. 

• How to anticipate which daily habits you will need most for different stages of life

Happy reading!

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