Entrepreneur: Periscope BIG Bundle

by LaTersa Blakely Enterprises, LLC

Are you tired of not being able to make money in your business ? Does it frustrate you to not be able to charge what you are worth ? 


It's time for you to release those fears and gain the knowledge and tools that you need to start profiting from your gifts and services.


this bundle includes;

(1) 90minutes MP3 audio of "How to charge what you are worth "

(2) 60 plus minutes of periscope LIVE class "How to make money right now in your business" various ways that you can create digital products in a weekend.


Upon purchase, please send me an email at lblakely2010@gmail.com to get access to your Audios 

You will get the following files:

  • PNG (5MB)
  • MP3 (20MB)
  • MP3 (14MB)

$ 47.00

$ 47.00

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