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Filthy Stepsister Collection: 4 Story Collection

“Are you serious?!” I scream. 

“Calm down, Princess,” Daddy says. 

He has his arms wrapped around my older sister. His big, bulging, sweaty biceps press against her bare shoulders. 

We’ve been playing touch football in the backyard all morning. Obviously, it’s not really serious since it’s just the three of us, but Daddy has taught us both, his two stepdaughters, to be extremely competitive with each other, even going so far as to do things specifically to encourage it…

I mean, why else would Daddy have his arms wrapped around my stepsister after saying that she had gotten the touchdown and won the game when I clearly touched her before she crossed the established end zone line. 

Fuck him and fuck her! 

“You’re so unfair!” I say, sobbing—which, I admit, is way more emotion than I should be giving to this crap right now. 

“Here she goes again, the baby is throwing another tantrum…” my sister says, rolling her eyes and also starting to squeeze the muscles in Daddy’s biceps just to piss me off. 

“FUCK YOU!” I scream, wiping the tears out of my eyes. 

I think what is bothering me more than Daddy showing favoritism, which happens constantly, by the way, is that the fact that their fucking sex parts are rubbing up against one another’s right now through their damp, sweaty clothes. 

It just makes me feel so anxious and frustrated to witness.

Before I say or do something that I’ll regret, I turn away from them and walk back into the house. 

Daddy doesn’t chase after me like I expect him to, and when I briefly turn to look back at them in the yard, before I open the screen door back into the kitchen, I see Daddy grabbing my stepsister’s ass. 

Then, they start kissing. At least, I think they do—I turn away from them so fast that I can’t be sure. 

All I know is that it makes me really, really fucking pissed off.

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