Rank your YOUTUBE videos

by Forward Motion Team

Why Video is Awesome

Creating videos this way is similar to creating blog posts or landing pages for SEO, but a YouTube video has a few key benefits over blog posts. Firstly, YouTube videos rank in Google well, like really well. Since YouTube is owned by Google, and is already an extremely high authority site, chances are that a piece of content you put on YouTube will rank higher than your own site, especially if its new and doesn’t have much authority.

Posting content on YouTube also lets your content be discovered when people search YouTube which is the second biggest search engine in the world, bigger than Bing and Yahoo. Optimizing your videos to rank in Google automatically optimizes them to rank in YouTube too so this brings in an additional traffic stream you would otherwise have missed.

But what is really great about ranking in Google search is that it’s search traffic, the best kind of traffic for a product like mine which is solving a very specific pain point for businesses. This kind of traffic brings us customers from huge enterprises which I otherwise would have had a hard time identifying and marketing to.

The amazing thing about ranking videos for these kinds of keywords, even though they might not have a ton of traffic, they are VERY targeted visitors, people searching for that exact kind of product.

Keyword Research

When ranking YouTube videos its good practice to target multiple long tail keywords in the video, this will bring in more traffic as you rank for multiple terms with just one video.


You should find a keyword to target based on the content of your video. This is pretty easy, type a few variations into the AdWords Keyword Planner Tool and find the one that ranks the highest. There are a few tricks you can do to find keywords that have low competition, but for the sake of this guide I am going to a assume you already know what keyword you want to rank for before you created the video.

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