Back Pain Help

by Forward Motion Team

Back Pain Help

The second angle is that I've had back pain myself. When I started doing the strength and flexibility exercises I have for you, the pain went away in about two months. I've been pain free for the last 13 years.

The main problem for people with lower back pain is that their pelvis and the bones above it are out of alignment. Pain is the symptom of the mis-alignment.

Here’s what you’re probably experiencing.
You wake up each morning as stiff as a board and frightened about what’s going to happen when your feet hit the floor?
You can’t sneeze or cough without it feeling like someone’s ramming a red hot poker into your lower back.
You can’t turn over in bed without any pain?
You wake up from a night’s interrupted sleep tired and wrung out.
You’ve got to lie on the bed to pull your socks on and get someone else to do up your shoe laces.
You can’t brush your teeth while leaning over the basin - because you can’t lean over the basin.
You’ve given up sport because you can’t bear the pain every time you hit the ball.
What I’ve got for you is a pain relief program that will fix all that. And here's the secret again. You have to relieve the pain yourself. Once your pelvis and the bones above it are back in better alignment you’ll be pain free and you’ll be able to resume a normal life.

I’ll show you how, using a method that’s quicker, easier, more effective and cheaper than any treatment you'll get in a surgery, therapy room or on the internet.

All you need is the right set of strength and flexibility exercises.

Our program is a complete self education kit that will help you save both time and money to fix the cause of your back pain! We are going to offer this book at the special price (Was $54.99 now your for $34.95). Get the relief you deserve today

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