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7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves - eBook

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Have you ever wondered why some people are much more confident than others, and where they got that confidence from?

Many people wrongly assume that confidence will magically appear once they've achieved some goal, found a great relationship, or made their dream come true. Sadly this leads to disappointment and frustration because they lack the inner strength needed to accomplish these things in the first place.

It's only when we understand what highly confident people already know, that we can go on to achieve the same happiness and success that they have.

Highly confident people know that true confidence doesn’t come from achieving ‘things’, it first comes from knowing themselves really well.

They’re clear on what they want and who they are, so they have the courage to set good boundaries, which leads to happier and more secure relationships. They know their strengths and accept their vulnerabilities, so they can more easily see the steps they need to take to transform their dreams into reality. Additionally, their ‘can-do’ attitude means they have the resilience to tackle life’s problems head-on, viewing these as opportunities to continue learning and growing.

Highly confident people have this level of self-knowledge because they’re in the habit of observing themselves. By being aware of their thoughts they can choose thoughts that help, rather than hinder them. Being in tune with their emotions means they can respond to situations calmly and with composure. Recognising when their personal beliefs are triggering them, they can learn to let go of those unhelpful ideas, and approach life in more helpful ways.

How do they get into the habit of observing themselves like this? Through consistently asking themselves the right questions - and you can do the same.

But what are these questions?

You can find them in: 7 Questions Highly Confident People Ask Themselves.Based on over 25 years helping clients gain success, confidence and great relationships, this book will help you:

  • Learn 7 powerful questions that will help you become very self-aware.
  • Understand why these particular questions are so powerful in changing your life.
  • Learn how to easily integrate these questions into your life, so that they become a natural habit.

These questions are beautifully simple. Yet as you make them part of your life you’ll discover just how potent they can be in helping you become one of the highly confident people, so that you too can have great relationships, success, and an inspired and fulfilling life!

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