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Follow the academic style:

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Follow the academic style:

  • If possible, avoid the first person's personal pronouns (I, consider we, our);
  • Avoid over-categorical solutions and generalizations;
  • Strengthen instructions and data sources;
  • In English, gender equality is important: if we talk about an abstract person, use the person instead of man. If possible, better put multiple numbers to several numbers and use their publication rather than he or she;
  • Use an active deposit if possible, do not burn the sentences. For example, instead of "crime WEM rapidly and police was concerned" ("the crime was rapidly grew up and the police launched a concern") Write: "The rapid increase in crime has caused concern between the police" ("the rapid increase in crime began to cause concern for police").
Text objectivity granting:

  • Use the impersonal structures: It is believed that ... ("It is believed that ...") cannot be stated that ... ("definitely, ...");
  • Use a passive pledge if you do not want to indicate the artist: The tests performed ("Testing took place ...");
  • Use non-icon verbs, for example: Proposal (Offer, Proposal for the opinion), the requirement (confirm, publish), let's say (assume, assume, assume);
  • To show your approach to the question, but to avoid personal decisions,¬†essay assistance¬†recommends the use of adverbs: Apparently, of course, probably, ideal, weird, unexpectedly;
  • Use modal verbs could, in May, can mitigate the categorical;
  • To avoid summaries, use interpretative adverbs: some (some), sevel (road), minority (smaller), road (road), many (many).

Each subparagraph usually works one of the main aspects of the plan. Two paragraphs may be associated with different aspects, but be interrelated, such as causes and consequences, positive and negative side, the condition of affairs before or after.

Sometimes the first sentence of the paragraph is input, ie explain what will be discussed.


The logical transition from one paragraph to another sometimes causes serious difficulties from the author. To save the connected text, you must target the reader, feed the signals. This can help introductory and binding words that perform various functions. For example:

Quotes and links

When you specify the book or other source of writing or transferring information in your own words, you must indicate the name and date of publication of the author. This can be done as follows:

According to Smith (1998), writing a good essay is difficult sometimes but definitely impossible. ("According to Smith (1998), writing a good essay sometimes seems difficult but definitely possible."

Writing a good essay is difficult sometimes but definitely impossible (Smith 1998). ("Writing a good essay sometimes seems difficult but definitely possible (Smith 1998).")
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