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Never Become A Victim!

This product was inspired by an interview with Sue Matthews on the topic - "Never Become A Victim!"

Blessed with 3 beautiful daughters, to learn that one, Taylor; was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 11 was a devastating blow to Sue and the family.

What carried Sue and the family through? Taylor’s decision to live no matter what she was facing, to have the tenacity, vision, strength, passion and will to keep going and to give her mom, siblings and father the permission to not be a victim. ‘A child shall lead them’, it is said in the bible.

Taylor never became a victim of her condition and her mother never allowed herself, as hard as it was at the time to become a victim herself. Yes, she faltered at times. Who wouldn’t as a mother of a dying child? But she got right back up knowing that Taylor wanted more for her and would want her to move on and live to share and empower others.

While Taylor was diagnosed with Cancer- a health condition; some of us are diagnosed with cancer of finances, unemployment, self worth, childhood wounds, relationship issues and more. A Cancer that consumes and permeates our mind, heart and soul which in turn affects our body and will to survive./

As a FREE gift, as part of this purchase, you get a sample chapter of Sue's book 'Paint Your Hair Blue' 

"Taste before you buy", as we say in the Caribbean! You are free to download a preview of the interview before purchase of the tip sheet. To listen/watch the full episode, feel free to go to this link I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

Feel free to reach out to Sue Matthews at Support her work and The Taylor Matthews’ Foundation (Tay- Bandz) for Pediatric Cancer - 

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You Say The Price!
The Price Is Right! choose what to pay for this checklist/tips/infographic shared by Sue Matthews during the interview. We do this for every show to sort of save you some time, use it as a daily reminder and booster that you can print out and to keep grounded. A little positivity and encouragement goes a long way! We think it's worth it. Don't you?

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