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The pregnancy test by ERIN McCARTHY

Product description
If life is a series of tests, Mandy Keeling just
hit the mother lode.

Ordinarily, I'm a fan of pink--lovely color, does
smashing things for the complexion. But not
when it's the bright, glaring stripe staring back
at me on the pregnancy test. Then, pink is the
color of major oops, of morning sickness, of
boyfriends who seemed decent but now are part
of some Jerk Witness Protection Program.
Still, I've got a few things going for me--bitter
humor, a divine right to eat till I'm the size of
Marlon Brando, and good friends who've
managed to get me a job interview with one
Damien Sharpton: in need of a personal
assistant, and some say, a good, swift kick in the
arse. If you want to make a lasting impression,
by all means, toss your cookies in your future
boss's wastebasket, which is located directly
between his excruciatingly sexy legs.
Apparently, Mr. Gorgeous-But-Unbearably-Anti-
Social must like personal assistants who violate
his trashcan, because I got the job. And if I can
avoid him via text messaging for the next nine
months of free health insurance, everything will
be just fine. Except that he's just asked--no,
insisted--that I go with him on a business trip to
the Caribbean. Gulp. Ordinarily, this would be
cause for celebration. Ordinarily, I'd shave my
legs, pack my bikini, revel in day-glo drinks and
my seething lust for Mr. Swarthy-And-Secretive.
But there's nothing ordinary about thissituation..  which means it could be absolutely extraordinary...

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Mandy Keeling is desperate. She has sold her
toy shop, lost her boyfriend, and found out that
she is pregnant. In search of a job with health
insurance, she experiences a wave of morning
sicknessin the elevator on the way to an interview. Naturally, Damien Sharpton, known as the "Demon," the man with whom she has an appointment, is in the elevator with her. In spite of this inauspicious beginning, she gets the job and easily conceals her condition since they don't come into contact too often, developing instead, an electronic relationship that leads her to believe that Damien's reputation as an ogre is greatly exaggerated. Since Mandy is the first person to penetrate his tough exterior, he invites her along on a trip to the Caribbean and becomes more enthralled. Things aren't easy once they're back at the office, but love finds away in this truly wonderful tale. This novel has it all: wit, charm, sensuality, and two of the most enjoyable, fascinating characters around.
Readers will treasure McCarthy's unexpectedly
tender romance. Maria Hatton Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved


"I had no idea that a book could be so steamy and still so laugh-out-loud funny!"

About the Auther

Erin McCarthy, the author of A Date with the
Other Side, Bad Boys Online, Smart Mouth,
Houston, We Havea Problem, and Mouth to

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