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Truth Is Freedom. 7 Keys to Self life coaching.

The Truth Will Truly Set You Free. But it will upset you first!

It is my soul intention in writing this book to help as many as possible to discover the truth and free themselves from the limiting conditioning of the societies we grew up in. To help every individual expose all the excuses we have for not achieving our best life.
I understand that I am here, to help you understand you, find the best you and live the best you. I have made every effort to offer total honesty and truth. I constantly work at living the principles here, every day of my life, as I will for the rest of my life.
Life is for living. My hope is that what is written here will help to free, inspire, encourage and uplift those who read it.

Excerpt: Key One:
If you are going to be successful in your life, you will need to understand how life actually works. Most of us simply go along with what we have been told. Unfortunately, a lot of what you were told is just not the way it actually is. There are basic principles in life that need to be understood. There are things about life that will not change. These are what we call universal truths.
Then there are things in life that can change. My point here is: understand and learn to accept what you cannot change, and actually DO something about what you can change.

Excerpt: Key Two:
The personality - that which you experience as yourself in the world, is the result of all the conditioning and programming that you received from all areas of life as you were growing up. You - your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, patterns of acting, values, perceived needs, reactions and self-image — are all the sum total of your programming and conditioning! If you have not examined your life and made conscious changes, then all the decisions, choices, plans, values and dreams you have lived by, are simply your past programs talking.

Excerpt: Key Three:
Happiness is the prime motivating force behind everything you think, do and desire. In other words, everything you do in life will be designed basically to take you towards ultimate happiness. If what you are doing in your life is not for this purpose, then why are you doing it? All too often we are ready and willing to go for short-term pleasure and end up losing out on our long-term happiness. I encourage you to ask yourself daily a real and simple question about what you are doing. Is what I am doing, going to take me towards ultimate happiness? Once again, doing this on a regular basis will develop in you a much keener ability to be the one in control of your own state of happiness and recognise it.

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