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Free Use Hypnosis Ring 4: Fucking My Sister's Steaming Pussy

This ring. This ring was something else. Any woman I desired at anytime at anyplace. Had to make sure the guys didn’t see me banging their friends or relations, but other than that small detail…

After banging the BBW in the alley, it was time for the true test: My sister.

Debbie. Fresh-faced and just 18, she was the perfect conquest. Without the ring? She’d never even give me the time of day.


I staggered home after enjoying the most intense blowjob from the curvy girl in the alleyway. My cock felt like it was on fire from the handful of hot girls I'd plowed my way through, and for just a brief moment, as I slowly turned the key in the front door of my house, I almost contemplated sleep.

It was that weird time of night, just before sunrise, but still pitch-black, and although I was exhausted, I was far from done. I had the best pussy yet to come. Fresh, and just ripe enough at eighteen, I was certain that my hot sister would easily put the other girls to shame.

Debbie was the staple of my erotic fantasies. Being my sibling only added to my crazy urge for her. She was the forbidden fruit, the ultimate taboo. Where once I could only jack-off to the image of her in my mind’s eye, I now had total impunity to do whatever I wanted to her slim and nubile body. From her tight slit, to her tiny pink star, anything I could dream of was on the menu.

Before I crept upstairs to her bedroom I started through to the kitchen to grab myself a glass of water. All this fucking was thirsty work!

As I ran the cold faucet, I took out my gold ring of power and examined it. Tonight had been mental and had blown apart any cynical thought I ever had about magic. This shit was real as the throb in my balls.

I had no idea how that bus stop tramp came to find it, and no clue as to why he’d pass it on to a piss-ant like me, but I was more than grateful he did. Once upon a time I couldn’t even get a fleeting glance from a girl, let alone get one to open up for my free use.

After knocking back a tall glass of water I poured myself another and snuck upstairs to see Debbie. I had to be as covert as a ninja. Although my sister would be more than happy to see me, now that I was this Jedi sex master, my dad wouldn’t take too kindly to me creeping into my sister’s bedroom with a huge boner. Mom, on the other hand...well, let’s just say I had some major plans for her. But for now it was Debbie’s turn.

Her bedroom was dark, but I could just about see her on the bed. She was fast asleep and had a thin white sheet covering her. The only hint of her perfect body was one of her smooth legs. It was hanging off the edge of the bed. God, even her foot was hot!

“Time to fuck, sis,” I whispered, approaching her with a naughty grin.

She didn’t stir.

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