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The Goal Setting Success Guide

One Harvard study that began in 1979 discovered that only 3% of MBA students entered the university with clear, written goals and plans to achieve them.  However, in 1989, the study shockingly found that each of those 3% were earning approximately 10 times the amount of all the other 97% put together. This makes it quite apparent that clear and focused planning to achieve your goals substantially increases your probability for success.

You were born with the greatest ability to turn your fantasies and dreams in to tangible reality. There are a lot of tips and tricks that can speed up the whole process of turning your dreams into reality and make you more successful, motivated, and organized person. 

If you can dream it, set it, you can achieve it. To achieve it, you need to know how. 

Because the truth is, no matter who you are, where you are from, you are capable of achieving and experiencing SO MUCH more than you THINK. If you can spare just 10 minutes a day – I’ll show you the secret to living the life of your dreams! 

The Goal Setting Success Guide will provide you with the insight and knowledge on how you, like those wise Harvard students, can achieve and fulfill your dreams.

Setting Realistic Goals With Proper Vision Coupled With Effective Strategy and Tactics Will Bring Ensured Success in Both Personal Life and Business Ventures !

The Goal Setting Success Guide is not just a basic book about having goals … it's much more than that.  It provides valuable insight into all facets of the goal planning process from visualization of the goal to the triumph of fulfillment.  It is full of insight from those who have the know-how from practical hands-on experience. 

With The Goal Setting Success Guide you will learn everything you need to know to get where you want to go. You won't find yourself stranded in the middle of the road confused about why you're not getting anywhere.  It doesn't matter whether you are setting goals in your personal life or your business, we want to show you exactly the way it is done so that you can be ensured of success in the end.

The Crucial Factors Discussed in The Goal Setting Success Guide include:

 1. Establishing Realistic Goals
 2. VIPER Goal Achievement Strategy
 3. Vision to See Things Clearly
 4. Maneuvers in Developing Tactics
 5. Writing Effective Self Affirmations
 6. Staying Motivated and Determined
 7. Setting Goals Based on Values
 8. Monitoring Progress and Taking Action
 And much, much more …

The Goal Setting Success Guide is Your Solution for Success !

You should know that Everyone has the potential of achieving his goal. And you are NOT the exception. This System does NOT require extraordinary self-discipline and iron willpower that most of us simply do not have. This System shows you EXACTLY how to overcome ANY obstacle standing in your way.

When you observe people who are successful, from your friends and people at work, to famous people seen in magazine or on TV, do you ever find those people disorganized and out of focus? 
Probably not. WHY? 

Perhaps, Brian Tracy says it best…
"People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine."

Do you want a better life?

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