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Rebuild your diet

All diets work. All diets trick people into eating less calories. When you don’t eat your favourite sweets and you’re eating less sugar, you actually eat less calories. When you drink a “magical” shake instead of eating a meal, you eat less calories. When you don’t eat after 8pm, you eat less calories.
Everyone you know, that was on some kind of diet lost weight. Everyone! But what happened after? How much of the lost weight did they put back on? Are those people healthy? How did they change their lifestyle?

Everyone that wants to increase their body weight should approach eating a bit differently. The most common excuses I hear are: “I eat a lot but my weight doesn’t go up”, or “I eat a lot but I put a lot of fat”… These things happen because you’re eating too little or too much. As you calculate and track your calories when you want to lose fat, you should also calculate and track your calories when you want to gain more muscle. How much calories you need depends on several factors like: training experience, the levels of your hormones, genetics, how much lean muscle mass you have, activity levels.

Rebuild your diet is not a cookie cutter gimmick. It's a science and experience based handbook!

This book is specifically designed:
- to teach you how to calculate your maintenance/ deficit/ surplus calories
- to teach you how to calculate your macro (protein, carbs, fats) intake
- to teach you when do you need a diet break and refeed days

 Eating healthy and being fit should be fun and it should enhance the rest of out life, not consume it!

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$ 15.00

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