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Heretics (Stars Edge: Nel Bently 4) PAPERBACK

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​Hot-tempered Dr. Nel Bently is not cut out to save the world. After her last project ended in fire and death, Nel must put aside distrust of just about everyone and embark on a lo-fi search for a deadly radio transmission. Except Earth’s survivors are torn between the austere superpower of IDH and the high-tech, grassroots Los Pobledores.

More allies go missing at every turn, and Nel questions where her true loyalties lie--and on which side Lin will fall when a line is finally drawn. They need experts. They need firepower. But it looks like the only thing standing between Earth and devastation is Nel: archaeologist, asshole, and functioning alcoholic with anger issues.

Please Note: This is a PRE-ORDER. Your book will be shipped by the release date of MAY 8th 2021

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