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EWCO Hot Rod Parts Truck 2019 - Hires digital print

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An Eryck Webb original artwork from 2019! I drew the sketch in a quick moment of inspiration and I was sponsored to finish inking and coloring it by a supporter's patreonage! 

Illustrated in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop

EWCO does its parts runs in style. Cruisin through the desert, gettin supplies where they need to go!

This purchase gives you:

1. Hires 5100x3300 ( 11x17inch 300dpi ) full color digital art print
2. Hires 5100x3300 ( 11x17inch 300dpi ) black and white digital inks art print

Thank you for supporting Eryck Webb! Keep trucking!

Remember, as with all art Eryck makes available to the public, you can post/ have printed/ use it wherever/ however you want, but be sure to give Eryck Webb credit when / where appropriate!
You will get a ZIP (5MB) file
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