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The Haunted Tales of Wild Horny Girls: Three Sexual Stories to Read

Erotic Story
Page count: 9
Word Count: 3261
Fiction Ebook

Erotic story by Jsovirall. Creepy sex stories of strange encounters of wild horny girls exploring haunted places. Do you like your erotic stories with a little thriller and horror in the mix? Then you will definitely want to read this sex story of wild horny girls. It's going to be creepy.😱😳
The Scenario
"No Anna, don't go inside that place. Are you crazy?" John asked his girlfriend.
"It's okay, it's not night. The sun is hot for Christ Sakes John. Why are you being such a p*ssy?"
"Why are you being so rude, Anna?"
"Sorry," she kissed him, "I just want to have a look inside that's all. What could go wrong?"
"This f*cking house is abandoned for a reason. Don't you watch the f*cking movies? The people that always go into the abandoned house hardly make it out alive."
"First of all that is fake. That is a f*cking movie. Tell you what. I will suck your c*ck as long as you want and you can cum inside both of my holes."
"Fuck off. I am going home. I am not going into that building. Your spell is not going t work this time babe."
"Okay, let's get the f*ck out of here. I don't know what is your problem. I should have cheated on you when I had the chance."
"When we get home I am packing my stuff and leaving your house. I have wasted three f*cking years on you."
"Are you going to leave me because of what I said?"
"Fuck you. I should be the one leaving you. Babe, you know how I am when I get upset. I am sorry."
"Don't fucking touch me," John said to Anna. Anna started crying. John drove off and the two front tires got punctured. The windshield broke. John and Anna got scared. They both hurried out of the car. Anna held John as tight as she could.
"John, I am scared. I am sorry for what I said earlier. I don't want to go to that abandoned house. Let's walk. Something strange is happening." Anna said. Something invisible pulled her into the house and closed the door. She screamed as loud as she could. John started panicking. He didn't know what to do.

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