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Hot Pink Erotica: 25 Story Bundle


“Omigod, stop touching me there!” My best friend, Lindsey, who I’ve known since we were both two years old, giggles at my stepbrother, Sam.

Sam has had his hand on Lindsey’s knee—reaching up her skirt and tickling her inner thigh—for the past twenty minutes. I’m going to puke if I have to see her blush pink one more time—like she’s nine and not nineteen.

The reason that their cute little flirting bothers me so much is that I miss my stepdad really bad, and I just found out that he’s not coming on our Spring vacation like he promised. 

This trip was supposed to be a chance for him and me to finally spend a few days together, but now he’s saying that he’s caught up with work. I know that the real reason is because of his ex-wife, who caught us having sex once, while I was staying with them last year—which is partially why they broke up, but definitely not the main reason. 

Now, she does everything she possibly can to block him from seeing me again…

Growing up, I was never close to Daddy. I blamed him for breaking up my mom and dad. But, around my eighteenth birthday, I began to realize that it wasn’t the whole story. Apparently it was my father who was pressuring my mother to find another Dad for me so he could feel better about leaving to start another life…with another family.

Since giving him a second chance, I’ve felt so happy. Daddy always protects me from boys who stare at me the wrong way, and, anytime he’s not working, he’s spending time with me. 

Most of all, though, he just makes me feel so beautiful and sexy and loved. He fucks me so well…every morning before school, and several times at night, just after he finishes work, and periodically until I fall asleep.

For the past six months that his ex-wife has been able to keep us apart, I’ve found that I can’t even think about sex without getting really sad. But, not nearly as sad as I feel right now, learning that I won’t see Daddy in a few hours. Not nearly as sad as I feel right now, waiting six months for something that’s been ruined in six seconds…

* * *

I stare forward at my brother, and best friend cuddled up in the seat across from me. Sam has his large bicep pressed around my Lindsey’s slim waist. 

They look like such a happy couple, and I should be happy for them, but, honestly, I’m not. It pisses me off, and I hate that it does, but it just hurts so much to see happy people when you’re depressed as shit…

* * *

I pass the next fifteen minutes, just looking out the window, taking in the stunning landscape as the train climbs up the Blue Ridge Mountains. But even the lush foliage and pretty lakes aren’t enough to get me out of my head right now. 

“Hey there,” My brother says, sitting down close beside me. 

I look over at Lindsey and see that she’s fast asleep—stretched out on her back over the cushioned seats across me. 

“What do you want, douchebag?” I ask my brother, rolling my eyes. 

“Douchebag? Me?! I take offense to that. We ‘douchebags’ prefer the term ‘emotionally challenged,’” he says, making me giggle. “I’m worried about you, Noemi. You’re upset. And, don’t waste my time trying to deny it, or else I will throw you off of this moving train.” 

“Fine,” I say. “You want to know why I’m upset?”


“Dad’s not coming…” I say, suddenly.

“Shit...” Sam sighs. “I’m sorry, Sis. I know you’ve been really looking forward to this weekend so you two could connect. You should know he was just as excited as you were, probably more so. The guy was calling me every day, bugging me to make sure that you were still coming.” 

“Really?” I ask, tears welling up in my eyes. 

“Yep,” he says. “Listen, we’re going to have a great time anyway. I promise.”

Sam grabs my hand and squeezes it. 

We lean our heads back against the headrests and stare at one another—lips only inches apart, and as his handsome blue eyes look into mine, I think about kissing him. But I don’t, because I can’t. 

At least, not right now.

I rub my hand over my brother’s pecs, indulging in what little I can do to feel my brother’s comfort. They feel so hard against my fingertips, electrifying them with their pulsating strength. 

Then, I slide my hand down inside the ridges in his abs. As I look down at his crotch region, I see a massive hard-on make a tent in his sweats. 

I look back up into my brother’s eyes, and we both breathe into one another’s mouths, my pussy throbbing hard as hell for him right now.  

“Fuck, I wish I could have you right now…” he groans in my ear. 

“Me too,” I whisper back. “But I told you that if you were going to flirt with my best friend, then you weren’t…”

“Going to be a douchebag, I know. Well, I guess I should sit back over there with her, because if I sit here even a second longer with you, I absolutely will not be able to stop myself from ravaging that tight, little cunt of yours,” Sam grumbles. “Do you remember how much you liked the way I flick your little swollen, pink crystal the last time we hooked up?” 

“Of course, I do,” my voice a breathy coo. 

As my brother moves back over to the seat across from me, lifting Lindsey up and laying her back down in his lap, I fantasize about strangling her for ruining what could have been a very satisfying sex therapy session with my stepbrother just now. 

God, why does she have to be my best friend? Why can’t she just be like, a regular one I don’t care about?

This is going to be a really long weekend. Thank Christ I brought my vibrator…

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