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My Little Black Planner

This is not just your average planner, it is a system for the visionary that is a go-getter and needs more clarity and a proven strategy to get to the next level.

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Course curriculum

My Little Black Planner is the 1st Interactive Workbook/Planner Online E-Book Course. This systematic approach turned this program into a system that was designed to change your life, career, and business forever. You have access to digital down versions of My Little Black Planer and 2 Digital Versions, along with a Facebook Group that I call The Country Club. In the group, there are prompts that will walk you through each sheet.

Enjoy planning in style in your new VIP Workbook/ Planner.

(You will get 2 years of BONUS products, including yearly updates on dated calenders and any updates made to the program.

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    My Little Black Planner
    • 1. My Little Black Planner (All In One) (Full Planner Compressed File)
    • 2. Part 1 Jumpstart Your Vision
    • 3. Part 2 Vision & Vision Board
    • 4. Part 3 Calendar, Check-Ins, Monthly Assessments
    • 5. Part 4 1-Year Trackers & Checklists
    • 6. Part 5 Life Affirmation Card Cut-Outs
    • 7. Part 6 Business/Career Affirmation Card Cut-Outs
    • 8. 2023 Calendar Sheets 1 Goal Friends 1
    • 9. 2023 Calendar Sheets Choice 2 Goal Friends From Across The Globe Luxury
    • 10. 2023 Calendar Sheets Choice 2 Goal Friends From Across The Globe Luxury Bottom Design
    • 11. DIGITAL PLANNER (Goodnotes/IPad) Portrait View Style
    • 12. DIGITAL PLANNER (Goodnotes/IPad) Landscape View Style