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Refuse TO Lose Women's Empowerment Magazine. Spring issue 🌸

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Spring issue 2022. We are super excited to Welcome our Dr. Gillian from the Bahamas to Grace the front cover of our SPRING🌸ISSUE!!
Dr. Gillian G. Curry - Williams
"My personal mission is to help somebody as I travel on, then my living would not
have been in vain." – Dr. Gillian Gia Curry-Williams
Gillian G. Curry-Williams has been a major player in the vibrant fashion
industry of The Bahamas for over thirty eventful years. This comes as little
surprise considering that she was the daughter of a registered nurse and an
accountant, both of whom sewed and tailored clothing as an entrepreneurial
adjunct to their professional callings. Gillian had already cultivated a healthy
and juvenile passion for fashion and design from an early age that could only
be actively fueled by her own mother’s custom-made and bespoke creations. In
the circumstances, and only too naturally, Gillian was already sewing and
cutting patterns for her mother by the tender age of fourteen.
Gillian, the precociously gifted young lady, graduated with a BA in
Fashion Design and Pattern Making and subsequently found her first fashion
business, Simple Elegance Couture, in 1987. The world of Haute Couture is a
rather exclusive one. Haute couture, which is French for high sewing,
designing, or high fashion, refers to creating exclusive custom-fitted clothing.
Haute couture is a fashion constructed by hand from start to finish, made from
high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention
to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers, often using
time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Not to
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