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The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion

and instruction guide! This book is your week-by-
week reference to forty of the most fascinating
weeks of your life.
Each chapter of this book is dedicated to a week
of your pregnancy. And each chapter kicks off with
a handy Checklist, Baby Data about how your baby
is growing, and Body Basics about how your body
may be changing. Consider this section your crash
course in pregnancy for the week. You can use it
to sit down with your partner to review the week
while you spend time talking and dreaming about
the baby, or you might consider using it to update
loved ones and friends on what’s going on inside
your body at this stage of development. Here
you will also fi nd a What to Watch For reference
section to let you know things to watch out for
each week.
After the crash course, you’ll fi nd in-depth
discussions about what matters most during each
week: Pregnancy Particulars. In this section, you’ll
read about issues that you’re likely to discuss with
your doctor or midwife that week and questions
you should be asking about your prenatal care.
This gives you a chance to look at all of your
options and entertain various thoughts about
them before deciding what will work best for
you and your family.
In each chapter, you’ll also fi nd Hot Mama tips
to help you stay looking and feeling great during
your pregnancy and after. From the maternity
fashion scene to building a safe and comfort-
able nursery, you’re covered here. Take a look at
the latest and greatest maternity clothes, baby
products, and must-have items for your pregnancy,
baby, and nursery.
Some chapters also off er a Memorable Moment.
These quotes came from women who have been
there before you and wanted to share their wisdom
and what they learned along to way.
You have probably been told that pregnancy
is all about the beautiful process of growing a
baby and how wonderful that process can be, only
to have that followed with a lengthy list of what
can go wrong. This can lead to a very frightening
experience for many pregnant women and their
families. That’s why each chapter of this book
includes an affi rmation or positive thought. This
is meant to reassure you that millions of women
have successfully come before you and that you
too will get through this process—fully prepared
to welcome a healthy, gorgeous baby into your life.
Try to incorporate these affi rmations into your
everyday life because they really can help soothe
you and focus your attention. Each week, you
may want to tape the new affi rmation someplace
you will see it every day, such as on your
bathroom mirror. Say the affi rmation aloud and
quietly to yourself throughout the day to help
ingrain its message.

You will get a PDF (141MB) file

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