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The Bangover: The Complete Series (Audio)

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Four steamy, feel-good, laugh-out-loud romantic adventures featuring swoon-worthy rock-star heroes and the fabulous ladies who love them. Narrated by Jason Clarke, Lili Valente, and Sebastian York. (Also includes a brand-new holiday novella!)

The Bangover

Note to self: Don’t bang your best guy friend—who's a bad-boy rock star—in the back of the limo on the way to the swanky Vegas hotel. I give myself very good advice...too bad I stink at taking it.

An over-the-top best-friends-to-lovers Vegas romp.

Bang Theory

I just begged my rock-star BFF to give me lessons in seduction. Now to convince my uber-protective tutor that we should keep being more than friends. 

A friends-to-lovers sensual-education off-limits romance.

Banging the Enemy

Pop quiz: You just banged a rock star you vowed to loathe until the end of time. What’s next? Hint: You don’t agree to be his fake girlfriend. And you certainly don’t fall in love....  

An enemies-to-lovers fake-dating second-chance romance.

The Rock Star’s Baby Bargain

Two days after my boyfriend dumps me and the sperm bank declines my credit card, a gorgeous rock star offers to whisk me away for two weeks of hot, steamy, all-expenses paid...therapy. And to knock me up while he’s at it. 

A friends-to-lovers baby-making only-one-bed romance.

Holidays with Bang-ifits

The next generation of soon-to-be rock stars deals with a forbidden age-gap friends-to-lovers romance in this fun and flirty holiday novella.

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