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PJ's Basic One-Pot Beans & Rice Recipe

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Delicious, nutritious, and cheap to make!

Here is PJ's basic beans and rice recipe, which is so versatile, you can add different ingredients and spices to ensure you never suffer food fatigue.

The combination of amino acids in beans and rice forms an almost perfect source of protein. Each ingredient has a long shelf life, which can be made longer through simple dry canning in jars or food-grade buckets, making them the perfect food to store long-term.

This dish is one of the easiest ones to learn to make in one pot over an open flame, yet not completely without challenge. One must practice cooking over an open flame to be able to keep a consistent simmer in the pot. Whatever source you use to cook with when there is no electricity or gas service, practice making this dish using that backup method. The best advice is: don’t wait until the emergency is upon you to learn how!
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