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Theme 01 - Lines (CPG)

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A simple and responsive WordPress theme
Previews: Desktop / Responsive

See the "Setting Up Premade 01 - CPG.html" file for customization help.

  • Topbar Navigation
  • Full width header
  • Responsive (mobile friendly)

Color Options:
The theme colors are easily editable via the style.css file - using :ROOT
  • Background
  • Text
  • Links
  • Link Hover
  • Borders
  • Title Bar Text
  • Title Bar Background
  • Accent Background
  • Accent Text
Image Sizes:
The theme header image link can be editable via the style.css file - using :ROOT
  • Header: Any width x 450 height (recommended: 1600x450)

You can change any of these, but you may need to alter some coding.

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