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Third Eye Meditation Course

Third Eye Magic and Adventures await... 👁️

This mini meditation course comes from a deep stirring to create something I would myself love, to encourage to blossoming and spiritual awakening currently taking place on our planet. This course is designed to fill you with beauty, love, adventure, wonder, and also power, to gently begin to reclaim your own power, your own divinity. You will know if you feel called to take part.

​You can complete them as a course in order, or just take part in any part you feel called to.
This course consists of three different guided meditations... 

Part One 
30 minutes
And so we begin this process, by focusing on our third eye, and in holding the feeling of love there. This is a beautiful practice, and helps us connect to our own energies, our higher selves, and guides and beings there to support and assist us, through love. This is a practice, and gets more blissful every time.

Part Two 
16 minutes
This is a time to sink into yourself, into everything, and just be. This is my favourite way for affirmations or words of magic and love to sink into my being, by simply listening to them as I breathe in a meditative state. This can feel different every time you come to do this meditation.. simply relax, and let the words wash over you, even if you don't yet fully believe them...

Part Three
20 minutes

We finish this course with a more active, imagination and visualisation based meditation. Where we can harness this true power we hold, with love and with peace, to create wonder. We here focus on using light from the divine, through our crown chakra, light from our heart, from the heartbeat of gaia, of ourselves, and with light from our galactic third eye, to manifest and birth our dreams into the physical, shift our physical reality, and experiment with vibrations affecting our existence. Transformative and adventurous, I hope you enjoy the ride.

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