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Love & Pain: Limited Edition

Love & Pain is a poetic anthology on the darkness of pain, and the beauty of love; all told from raw emotions, and laying of the soul bare; through poetry that speaks to the soul, and eventually results in healing. The book is available as the standard edition with 180 poems, and the Limited-Edition print, with 200 poems, that is currently running. The book is divided into two main chapters; “The Book of Pain,” and “The Book of Love,” with each main chapter culminating with the sub-chapters; “The Last Chapter,” and “The Limited-Edition Chapter.” The book contains a total of 200 poems, split between the two main chapters, with the two sub-chapters, each having 10 poems.

I wrote Love and Pain at different phases of my life. The first bit of the book, “The Book of Pain,” was written at a very difficult point in my life. A lot of things were going terribly wrong, and I needed an outlet to help deal with that pain, and the difficulty of those situations, hence the “Book of Pain,” came to be. It is a collection of poems that helps to deal with pain, at times taking it head on, or viewing it from the side-lines, but nevertheless, letting you the reader experience the emotion of pain through words. In writing this bit of the book, I learnt the beauty of shared pain and the importance of letting it run its course, rather than trying to fight it, and thus finding healing in the process. I hope that while reading it, you will find healing through the appreciation of pain.

“The Book of Love,” is more of like the chapter of life that comes after the storm; when you are trying to pick up the pieces after the troubles and pains have settled. However, this stage of life is not viewed from a point of anguish and pain due to what you have lost, but from the beauty that comes with losing those things and being okay with it, and a deeper understanding that what happened, had to happen, in order for you to get to a point of genuine happiness and harmony with what was and what is. In a way, this seems like a paradox, but I hope in reading this bit, you come out at the end filled with love.

Love and Pain is a journey meant to be experienced in its entirety.

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