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Age of Tunisca (Book 3 - Circle Trilogy)

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Love unexpected and far-reaching expectations spawn potential chaos

Emperor Leo, Sebastian, and Meshia have taken on the task of raising Prince Seth in their stride. The young prince is taking to the lessons of ruling to heart, showing great promise in his ability to become an intelligent, fair, and powerful Emperor of the Cardinian Empire.

But will it be enough?

The love between the three men, Sebastian, Leo, and Meshia is challenged by Prince Seth's actions as he matures. Threatening to tear them apart forever. The Cardinian triad bond, the circle, remains intact but in jeopardy. Secrets are weakening the bond between them, and choices need to be made that will bring much pain to Meshia.

Are they willing to risk it all to keep the circle secure?

The future of the Cardinian Empire will soon be in the hands of the next generation. Prince Seth is being prepared to rule; to be the first true Emperor in two hundred fifty years. But will his forever and always love interest impede his ability to take his people into the next phase of his reign? Will the Cardinian Empire survive where Emperor Seth wants to take them?

Will Cardinian Empire's mantra of love and truth prevail?
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