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In 2015, I accomplished more as an athlete than I ever could have dreamed! Enjoying life like a normal person was out of the question, leaving me to enjoy the art of cooking! After much nagging from friends, I finally decided to provide them as well as you, with my favorite recipes that helped me to achieve the unthinkable.

Now before you go and spend your money on the greatest, breakfast cookbook of all time, you must stop and ask yourself, “What makes a good cookbook?” Is it the excessive amount of prep time? Is it the absurd amount of arbitrary out-of-season ingredients? Or is it the ingredients that you’re forced to buy in bulk, when you really only need a pinch, forcing you to pay nearly $70 for a meal for 4, when there’s really only 2 of you.  It hardly tastes as good as you wanted, looks nothing like one in the picture, the leftovers look like dog shit, and your sink is now piled high with stuff you forgot you even had?! 

The none of those. In fact, the answer is quite the complete opposite. #KanesKorner Home Of The Real Breakfast Of Champions, offers all healthy, realistic recipes, made with realistic ingredients, that can realistically end up tasting just as good in your own kitchen as they do in mine. Be sure to share this link on social media for your discount! And be sure you're using a desktop/laptop computer when downloading this Ebook. If you have any trouble - feel free to contact me! #eatright #trainright #trainwithKANE #noKANEnoGAIN

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