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So you got excited and told family and friends of your plans and now you have doubts because of what they said or shared. What’s your mindset now? What should it be? How do you get over the fear, doubt, energy suckers, dream stealers, nay sayers? Do you spend your time proving them wrong or proving you’re right? Instead of questioning yourself, what sort of professional and personal development should you be working on to keep focused?

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Listen and learn from the following experts (in no particular order):

Opening Remarks - Corine La Font

Live Your Front Row Life: The how to of getting out of your own way - Frances Hickmott
In this session you will learn how to:

  1. Differentiate between a growth and fixed mindset
  2. Build resilience with a growth mindset
  3. Discover how confidence is built

Be Happy for No Reason - Juli Realy

This empowering and transformational program is packed with information and practices for increasing our inner happiness, confidence, and creative flow. Research shows that happy people make $1,000,000+ more than others over their lifetime, are 78% more engaged at work, and 35% less likely to get sick. Happy people are successful, contagious, and inspirational.

Learning Outcomes:
1. Taking Responsibility: We can't always control our circumstances, but we can control our responses. Participants will develop awareness of their response patterns and how to shift from Victim to Victor mentality.
2. Understanding the Mind: Studies shows that 80% of our daily thoughts are Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS). We will discover the science behind this brain activity, and how to rewire our neural networks for positive thinking.
3.Opening the Heart: Research by the Heart Math Institute's reveals that the magnetic energy field of our heart is 50x greater than our brain. Participants will learn a Quick Coherence Technique that stabilizes the interaction between the heart and brain, and releases a positive energy field supportive of our interactions, relationships and emotional health.

The Power to Do Great Things: What is Genuine Leadership and how can it help me and my organization? - Jenn Donahue

The foundation of Genuine Leadership starts with two principles: knowing yourself and knowing your people. Great leaders focus on inclusion, engagement, and growth of those under their direction and in doing so, grow the organization. To be a great business leader, you must invest the time in personal and professional development. Leaders also understand their own strengths and challenges, and the outward projection of these qualities.

In this session you will learn:
1: Understanding Who You are as a Leader Objective
2: The 3 Keys to Earning Your Teams Trust Objective
3: Creating Motivated, Dedicated and Loyal Teams

The Inner Critic is the CEO of Your Personality - Lois Hollis

This session will explain and guide on how to make friends with your inner critic.
  1. To stop the fear and doubt and the drain on your goals.
  2. When your inner critic is your partner, the doubts and fears lessen.
  3. Keep focus without confusion, sustain your self-esteem with Less stress more success

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